Speeches and Presentations

FASAB members and staff are frequently requested for speaking engagements at numerous conferences and meetings. A small selection of our many presentations and speeches is listed below, with the most recent first. If you are interested in having a member of FASAB or its staff speak at an event, please email a detailed description of the event, including the event name, sponsor, date, time, location, and potential topic to fasab@fasab.gov and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

December 13, 2017Association of Government Accountants, Montgomery/PG ChapterFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
November 28, 2017National Defense UniversityFuture of Financial Information Sharing (PPT)Wendy Payne
November 16, 2017American Society of Military ComptrollersFASAB Update (PPT)Robin Gilliam
September 27, 2017AGA Baltimore ChapterFASAB Update (PPT)Robin Gilliam
September 26, 2017Federal Audit Executives CouncilFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
August 8, 2017American Institute of CPAs Governmental Accounting and Auditing ConferenceFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne and Ross Simms
July 19, 2017AGA Professional Development TrainingFASAB Update (PPT)Ross Simms and Monica Valentine
July 19, 2017AGA Professional Development TrainingReporting Model (PPT)Ross Simms
April 28, 2017Northern Virginia AGA ChapterFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 28, 2017Maryland Association of CPAs FASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 27, 2017Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and EfficiencyFASAB Update (PPT)D. Scott Showalter
April 20, 2017AGA Saint Louis Chapter PDTReporting Model (PPT)Ross Simms
April 19, 2017AGA DC ChapterLost in Translation (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 12, 2017AGA Montgomery/PG CountyFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 30, 2017AGA DC PDTFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 2, 2017Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentDo You Know Your Risk Assumed? (PPT)D. Scott Showalter
November 29, 2016CFO AcademyUS Federal GAAP (PDF)Wendy Payne
October 28, 2016Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business SchoolAccountability (PDF)Wendy Payne
August 8, 2016American Institute of CPAsFASAB Update (PDF)Wendy Payne and Ross Simms
July 19, 2016Association of Government Accountants Professional Development TrainingFASAB Update Federal Public-Private Partnerships Financial Statement (PDF)Wendy Payne, Domenic Savini, and Ross Simms
June 9, 2016Institute for Internal Auditors and American Center for Government AuditingReporting (PDF)Domenic Savini
April 29, 2016MACPA Government and Not-for-Profit ConferenceFASAB Update 2016 (PDF)Robin Gilliam
April 28, 2016CIGIE/GAO ConferenceFASAB Update 2016 (PDF)D. Scott Showalter
April 21, 2016AGA Northern Virginia ChapterFASAB UpdateWendy Payne
March 31, 2016NGMA Annual Grants Training Program P3 Grant Accounting (PPT)Domenic Savini
March 30, 2016AGA DC ChapterFASAB Update (PDF)Wendy Payne
March 21, 2016OECD Accruals SymposiumTax Expenditures (PPT)D. Scott Showalter
March 18, 2016AGA DC ChapterFASAB Update (PDF)Wendy Payne
March 18, 2016NCPPP P3 SummitP3 Panel DiscussionDomenic Savini
February 17, 2016AGA DC ChapterAccountable Government (PPT)Wendy Payne
December 8, 2015AGA Montgomery/PG Winter WorkshopAGA Montgomery/PG Winter Workshop (PPT)Wendy Payne
October 23, 2015AGA Nashville PDTAccountability (PPT)Wendy Payne
July 14, 2015AGA PDT NashvilleAccounting & Reporting for P3s (PPT)Domenic Savini
May 18, 2015JFMIPFASAB Update: Improving Federal Financial Reporting (PPT)Ross Simms
May 13, 2015AGA Chicago PDTFASAB Update: Improving Federal Financial Reporting (PPT)Ross Simms
April 28, 2015CIGIE/GAO ConferenceFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 24, 2015AGA Northern Virginia ChapterStaying Current: FASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 12, 2015AGA DC ChapterFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 11, 2015AGA DC ChapterP3 Accounting & Reporting (PPT)Domenic Savini
January 20, 2015CliftonLarsonAllenFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
December 9, 2014AGA Montgomery/PG Winter WorkshopFASAB Update (PPT)Domenic Savini
August 12, 2014AICPA GAACFASAB Update (PPT)Tom Allen
June 24, 2014GWSCPA GAACFASAB Update (PPT)Tom Allen
July 1, 2014AGA PDT FASAB Update: The Reporting Model and More (PPT)Multiple
May 28, 2014
As Good As It Gets (PPT)
Wendy Payne
May 20, 2014
FASAB Update (PPT)
Wendy Payne
May 13, 2014
FASAB Projects – Recent Developments and Next Steps (PPT)
Ross Simms, Domenic Savini, Robin Gilliam
May 8, 2014
CIGIE/GAO Conference
FASAB Update (PPT)
Wendy Payne
April 15, 2014
Architect of the Capitol
Accounting for Public-Private-Partnerships (PPT)
Domenic N. Savini
April 10, 2014
American Bar Association PCLS Privatization Committee
Accounting for Public-Private-Partnerships (PPT)
Domenic N. Savini
April 8, 2014
CFO Academy
US Federal GAAP (PPT)
Wendy Payne
April 1, 2014
Association of Government Accountants - Northern Virginia Chapter
FASAB Update (PPT)
Wendy Payne
March 27, 2014
IC Financial Action Committee
FASAB Update (PPT)
Wendy Payne
March 12, 2014
Associated General Contractor's Public Owner's Forum
Accounting for Public-Private-Partnerships (PPT)
Domenic N. Savini
February 24, 2014
American Univ. Federal Accounting Class
FASAB’s Role, Concepts and Standards (PPT)
Domenic N. Savini
January 16, 2014
AICPA - SABEW Workshop
Federal Accounting Standards (PDF)
Wendy Payne
January 16, 2014
AGA Baltimore
FASAB Update (PPT)
Robin Gilliam
November 1, 2013
Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School
Accountability (PDF)
Wendy Payne
July 17, 2013AGA PDCEvolving the Federal Reporting Model (PDF)Tom Allen, Robert Dacey, Wendy Payne, Ross Simms
July 16, 2013AGA PDCReporting on and Auditing Sustainability Information (PDF)Robert Dacey, Daniel Murrin (E&Y), Wendy Payne
July 15, 2013AGA PDCDefining the Boundaries of the Federal Reporting Entity (PDF)Tom Allen, Wendy Payne, Ross Simms, Monica Valentine
June 27, 2013VSCPA ConferenceWhat Else Do You Need to Know About the Federal Government’s Finances? (PDF)Wendy Payne
June 18, 2013GWSCPA GAAC LuncheonFASAB Update (PDF)Tom Allen
May 23, 2013GAO Annual UpdateFASAB Update (PDF)Wendy Payne
May 15, 2013AGA Washington DC Marching Towards Transparency (PDF)Wendy Payne
May 14, 2013MOV AGA FASAB Recent Standards and Pending Proposals (PDF)Wendy Payne
May 13, 2013JFMIP ConferenceGuide to FASAB Resources (PDF)Wendy Payne
April 23, 2013CIGIEFASAB Update (PDF)Tom Allen
April 2, 2013Montgomery/PG County AGAFASAB Recent Standards and Pending Proposals (PDF)Wendy Payne
October 31, 2012Northern New Jersey Chapter of AGAFASAB’s Roles and Concepts (PDF)Domenic Savini
September 20, 2012Baltimore Chapter of AGAFASAB Update (PDF)Wendy Payne
July 29 ‑ Aug 1, 2012AGAFASAB Update Tom Allen, Domenic Savini, Monica Valentine, Wendy Payne
May 16, 2012AABPAExtreme Makeover: Government Financial Statements (PDF)Ross Simms, Wendy Payne
May 15, 2012AGA – DC ChapterStandards – What More is in the Works? (PPT)Wendy Payne
May 14, 2012VSCPAUpdate on Federal Accounting Standards Issued by the FASAB (PDF)Norwood Jackson (former member)
May 8, 2012AGA – DC ChapterWhat’s Up with the Reporting Model (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 27, 2012MACPAFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 16, 2012FASABFASAB Update: Recent Issuances and Ongoing Initiatives (PDF 3 MB)FASAB Staff
April 11, 2012CIGIEFASAB Update (PDF 490 KB)Wendy Payne
March 19, 2012American University Revolution – 20 Years Later (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 15, 2012AGA-ASMC ConferenceFASAB Update (PDF)Domenic Savini
March 14, 2012Department of Homeland SecurityFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 9, 2012Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentFASAB-OECD Survey Results (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 8, 2012Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 1, 2012CFO AcademyFASAB Background and Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
June 21, 2011Greater Washington Society of CPAsFASAB Update (PDF)Tom Allen
March 30, 2011Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency/GAO Financial Statement Audit ConferenceFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
March 2, 2011CFO AcademyEvaluate US Federal GAAP (PPT)Wendy Payne
February 16, 2011U.S. CongressStatement of Tom Allen, Chairman, FASAB, before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management (PDF)Tom Allen
August 4, 2010Treasury’s 20th Annual Government Financial Management ConferenceFASAB Update (PPT)Julia Ranagan
July 11, 2010AGA’s 59th Annual Professional Development ConferenceRecent FASAB Research on Managerial Cost Accounting in the Federal Government (PPT)Julia Ranagan
March 10, 2010National Grants Management AssociationA Call to Action—How You Can Help to Advance Efficient and Effective Reporting on Federal Grant Programs (PPT)Eileen Parlow
March 10, 2010AGA Denver 24th Annual Professional Development ConferenceBack to the Future—FASAB Update (PPT)Julia Ranagan
April 24, 2009Maryland Association of Certified Public AccountantsFederal Accountability— Evolution (PPT)Wendy Payne
April 20, 20099th Annual Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants Government & Nonprofit ConferenceComprehensive Long-Term Fiscal Projections for the U.S. Government (PPT)Eileen Parlow
March 27, 2009AAA’s 2009 Government and Nonprofit Section Mid-Year ConferenceFederal Accounting Update (PPT)Tom Allen
February 20, 2009AGA’s National Leadership ConferenceFederal Accountability in Changing Times (PPT)Tom Allen,
Bob Dacey
August 18, 2008AICPA National GAACWhat Is the Federal Entity and Shouldn’t We All Use the Same GAAP? (PPT)Wendy Payne, Julia Ranagan
May 7, 2008AGA-DC/Greater Washington Society of CPAs ConferenceFrom the Grounds, Up, and Beyond (PPT)Melissa Batchelor, Ross Simms, Monica Valentine
February 27, 2008Department of Homeland Security 5th Annual Conference on Financial ReportingFASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
February 28, 20072007 President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency / Government
Accountability Office (GAO) Financial Statement Audit Roundtable
FASAB Update (PPT)Wendy Payne
August 22, 2006American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) National Governmental Accounting and Auditing Conference (GAAC)FASAB—Coming of Age (PPT)Tom Allen,
Wendy Payne
June 21, 2006Association of Government Accountant’s (AGA) 55th Annual Professional Development Conference & ExpositionFASAB – Vision for 2015 (PPT)Tom Allen,
Dave Mosso
May 23, 2006Department of the Interior Annual Business ConferenceFASAB Update on Recently Issued Standards (PPT)Melissa Batchelor
April 1 ‑ 2, 2005American Accounting Association (AAA), Government & Nonprofit Section, at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard UniversityRemarks by David Mosso, Chairman, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (PDF)David Mosso