Intangible Assets Task Force

FASAB Contact: Josh R. Williams,, 202-512-4051

Task Force Objectives

As part of the previous intangible assets research topic, staff worked with a task force to (1) identify existing intangible assets throughout federal reporting entities, (2) consider the benefits to users of federal financial reports from reporting such intangible assets, and (3) consider if preparers can reasonably measure and recognize the identified intangible assets in the financial reports.

As a result of the Board adding an intangible assets project to the Technical Agenda, staff will form working groups from task force volunteers to accomplish the Board approved project objectives to (1) develop updates for software reporting guidance and (2) develop a working definition of intangible assets for the Board’s internal use.

Task Force History:

May 12, 2021

Staff hosted a task force meeting to discuss the survey results and other research findings. During the meeting, staff addressed potential intangible assets identified throughout federal reporting entities along with associated reporting benefits and recognition concerns. Staff then presented approaches for intangible asset guidance to propose to the Board during the June meeting and requested feedback before preparing final presentation material.

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February 17, 2021

At the first intangible asset task force meeting, staff established the initial task force objectives, discussed potential federal intangible assets, and presented a draft version of the task force survey. The survey objectives are to gather information about (1) intangible assets that exist throughout federal reporting entities and (2) potential benefits to recognizing such intangible assets in federal financial reports. After considering feedback from task force members, staff made further edits to the survey and issued the final version for task force members to complete by March 12, 2021.

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