Past Board Members

Original Board Members

Name SeatYear(s) in service
Elmer B. Staats Chair1991–1997
Gerald Murphy Department of the Treasury 1991–1998
Susan GaffneyOffice of Management and Budget1991
Donald ChapinGovernment Accountability Office1991–1997
James L. BlumCongressional Budget Office1991–1998
Alvin TuckerDefense & International Agencies1991–1997
William L. KendigNon-defense Agencies1991–1994
Martin IvesNon-federal Representative1991–1997
Cornelius E. TierneyNon-federal Representative1991–1997

Subsequent / Past Board Members

NameSeatYear(s) in service
David MossoChair1997–2006
Tom L. Allen Chair2007-2015
D. Scott Showalter Chair2016-2019
Donald V. HammondDepartment of the Treasury1998–1999
Robert ReidDepartment of the Treasury1999–2008
Nancy FleetwoodDepartment of the Treasury2009–2010
Mark RegerDepartment of the Treasury2010-2014
R. Scott BellDepartment of the Treasury2014-2014
Christina HoDepartment of the Treasury2015-2017
Edward J. MazurOffice of Management and Budget1991–1993
Harold I. SteinbergOffice of Management and Budget1993–1994
Norwood J. JacksonOffice of Management and Budget1995–1999
Sheila ConleyOffice of Management and Budget1999–2000
Joseph L. KullOffice of Management and Budget2000–2003
David M. ZavadaOffice of Management and Budget2003–2006
Danny WerfelOffice of Management and Budget2006–2009
Debra BondOffice of Management and Budget2010-2011
Norman DongOffice of Management and Budget2012-2014
Mark RegerOffice of Management and Budget2014-2017
Regina KearneyOffice of Management and Budget2018-2018
Carol JohnsonOffice of Management and Budget2018-2018
Philip T. CalderGovernment Accountability Office1997–2004
Barry B. AndersonCongressional Budget Office1999–2002
Dr. Douglas Holtz-EakinCongressional Budget Office2003–2004
Dr. Elizabeth M. RobinsonCongressional Budget Office2004–2005
Dr. Donald MarronCongressional Budget Office2005–2007
Robert P. MurphyCongressional Budget Office2007–2008
Nelson ToyeDefense and international agencies1997–2002
James E. ReidNon-defense agencies1994–1998
Kenneth J. WinterNon-defense agencies1999–2002
Donald H. ChapinNon-federal representative1997–2001
Linda J. BlessingNon-federal representative1997–1999
Joseph V. Anania, Sr.Non-federal representative2002–2005
Tom L. AllenNon-federal representative2006
Claire Gorham CohenNon-federal representative2002–2007
Dr. James M. PattonNon-federal representative1999–2009
John A. FarrellNon-federal representative2001–2009
Michael H. GranofNon-federal representative2009-2019
Norwood Jackson, Jr.Non-federal representative2007-2011
Sam McCallNon-federal representative2012-2016
Alan H. SchumacherNon-federal representative2002-2012
George A. ScottNon-federal representative2016-2019
D. Scott ShowalterNon-federal representative2009-2015
Harold I. SteinbergNon-federal representative2007-2015