Current Briefing Materials

This page contains briefing materials for the current board meeting and is updated bi-monthly in conjunction with FASAB board meetings.  Materials are posted approximately ten days in advance of a board meeting. Items are identified by Tab here and on the agenda because the board members’ materials are organized in that manner. Beginning with calendar year 2011, the information on this page will be archived for each meeting and available through links on the Meetings page.

FASAB staff prepares briefing materials to facilitate discussion of issues at board meetings (please refer to the Meetings page for meeting dates, agendas, and minutes). This material is presented for discussion purposes only; it is not intended as authoritative views of FASAB or its staff. Official positions of the FASAB are determined only after extensive due process and deliberations.


Tab A – Performance Information

Tab B – Reporting Model

Tab C –  Public-Private Partnerships

Tab D – Leases

Tab F – Internal Use Software

Tab H – Risk Assumed – Insurance Programs

Tab I –   Opening Balances for Inventory, Operating Materials and Supplies…..

Tab I2 – Opening Balances

Tab J – DoD Implementation Guidance Request-General PP&E Balances

Tab K – Tax Expenditures