Documents For Comment

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FASAB uses the following four types of documents to communicate tentative decisions and request feedback from interested parties:

Exposure Draft (ED)

The most common type of document used to request feedback, an ED communicates the board’s tentative decisions on the issues under consideration.  Unlike the additional documents discussed below, an ED must be released for comment before a final Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards or other pronouncement can be issued.

Invitation To Comment (ITC)

An ITC document is used to present issues that might be addressed by the board in the future or alternative solutions to issues under consideration.  For example, the board has used an ITC to solicit input on potential technical agenda items.

Preliminary Views (PV)

A PV document presents the board’s preliminary selection of a solution, although alternative solutions may be presented.  For example, the board issued a PV document on the issue of accounting for social insurance to communicate the primary and alternative views of members and solicit feedback before developing an ED.

Discussion Memorandum (DM)

The least common type of document used by FASAB to request feedback, a DM defines problems, identifies issues (scope), presents research findings, summarizes relevant literature, presents alternative solutions, and requests comments.