Active Projects

The board currently has a number of active projects in varying stages of completion. Each link below will take you to a page with information about the related project. The pages will include a history—with the most recent first—of the project and staff papers supporting deliberations. Staff contact information is provided on each project page for specific questions related to the project deliberations or status.

If you have questions or problems regarding access to any files, please e-mail Melissa Loughan and Ross Simms.

Concepts – The Financial Report
Revisiting the reporting model described in Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Concepts 2, Entity and Display

DoD Implementation Guidance Request Project

The DoD Implementation Guidance Request Project will address (1) use of reasonable baseline estimates of the cost of inventory operating materials, (2) accounting treatment of deployed assets, and (3) timing of capitalization of research and development efforts given spiral development effort


Developing comprehensive lease accounting standards for the federal government

Considering the appropriate recognition, measurement and disclosure of Public-Private-Partnerships

Risk Assumed

Considering the appropriate recognition, measurement, and disclosure of significant risks assumed by the federal government