A fact sheet that briefly describes FASAB’s history and organization (PDF)

Our Mission
An introduction to FASAB’s primary mission and major objectives

Our Strategic Directions
A report that discusses FASAB’s primary and secondary focuses (PDF)

Our Annual Reports
FASAB’s annual reports on its operations and resources

Our Board Members
Listing of our current board members

Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
The MOU agreement between FASAB’s sponsors (PDF)

Our Rules of Procedure
General procedures used by FASAB to carry out the MOU (PDF)

Our Statement of Members’ Responsibilities
Responsibilities of and characteristics sought in board members (PDF)

Our Due Process
A description of the open due process FASAB follows before finalizing any documents

Our History
A brief history of FASAB since it was created in October 1990

Our Staff Members
Listing of and contact information for our current staff members

Our Contact Information
Detailed information on how to contact us – by mail, phone, fax, or in person

Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
Link to the website for FASAB’s Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee