Board and Staff Outreach

Board members and staff frequently engage with FASAB’s constituents to increase the knowledge and interest in FASAB’s projects throughout the federal financial management community. Please see the below chart for examples of FASAB’s various outreach, including presentations, podcasts, and articles. If you are interested in having a member of FASAB or its staff speak at an event, please email a detailed description of the event, including the event name, sponsor, date, time, location, and potential topic to and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Fiscal Year 2021


Member/Staff Name

Type of Outreach

Sponsor Organization

EventTitle/TopicFASAB Project
3/30/2021Various current & former Board members, staff, task force members, and other friends of FASABSpecial edition newsletterFASAB’s 30th anniversary

3/18/2021Josh WilliamsPresentationAGA: NOVA ChapterMarch Virtual LuncheonFASAB Update: 2021
3/2/2021Ricky Perry &
Christi Dewhirst
Task Force MeetingLeases Implementation ED comments, approaches for addressing themLeases Implementation
2/22/2021Ricky Perry &
Christi Dewhirst
Task Force MeetingLeases Implementation ED comments, approaches for addressing themLeases Implementation
2/17/2021Josh WilliamsTask Force MeetingTeam welcome and task force survey discussionIntangible Assets Research
2/10/2021Robin GilliamPresentationIMAEvening Speaker SeriesFederal Accounting for Climate-Related Events
1/27/2021Ricky Perry &
Christi Dewhirst
PresentationGWSCPAGovernment Accounting and Auditing Section MeetingFASAB Update: Leases
1/21/2021Sallyanne HarperPresentationDepartment of Energy CFO OfficeEnterprise Risk Management and Internal Controls WebinarEnterprise Risk Management: Insights from AFERM 2020 Federal ERM Survey
12/13/2020Domenic SaviniPresentationNational Defense UniversityWebinarDOD Financial management challenges
12/10/2020George ScottArticleAICPA Journal of AccountancyQ&A: FASAB reaches milestone amid pandemic
12/7/2020Domenic SaviniPresentationDoD/NDUWebinarFASAB's Accounting Concepts and Standards Course
12/2/2020Robin GilliamPresentationAGA-PG/MONT CO.December Virtual LuncheonFederal Accounting for Climate Impact
12/2/2020Ricky PerryPresentationAGACEAR Reviewer TrainingCEAR Reviewer Training
11/19/2020Ricky PerryPresentationAGACorporate Partners Advisory Group (CPAG) meetingLeases Implementation
11/16/2020Ricky PerryPodcastFederal News Network - Federal DriveLeases Implementation
11/13/2020Ricky Perry
Christi Dewhirst
PodcastAGA Accountability Talks PodcastLeases Implementation
11/4/2020Leigha KigerPresentationIMAEvening Speaker SeriesPlain English Writing
10/26/2020Domenic SaviniPresentationNational Defense UniversityCFO AcademyProducing and Sharing of Quality Information to Gain Insights
10/22/2020Sallyanne HarperPresentationNational Academy of Public AdministrationWebcast on 2020 Election Challenges: Advancing the Nation’s Long-term Fiscal HealthBuilding a Stronger Fiscal Foundation: An Agenda for 2021
10/20/2020Monica Valentine & Ricky PerryYouTube VideoLeases Implementation
10/20/2020George Scott, Patrick McNamee, Gila Bronner, & Terry PattonYouTube videoFASAB’s 30th Anniversary
10/9/2020George ScottArticleAGA Journal of Government Financial ManagementFASAB @ 30
10/1/2020Robin GilliamArticleInstitute of Internal Auditors - Knowledge BriefFinancial Impact of Climate-Related Events: An overview of FASAB standards relevant to reporting on climate-related damages