Staff Implementation Guidance 31.1: Guidance for Implementation of Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 31, Accounting for Fiduciary Activities

  1. Project Milestones
  2. Minutes of April 12, 2007 Public Meeting
  3. Draft Staff Implementation Guidance, Comments Requested by Dec. 3, 2008
  4. Final Staff Implementation Guidance 31.1

Comment Letters Received

Number Respondent(s) Affiliation Letter
1 Gordon Alston Dept. of Commerce PDF 231KB
2 Kristine Chadwick SEC PDF 282KB
3 Kathryn Gillis DOD PDF 287KB
4 Bob Childree AGA FMSB PDF 323KB
5 Dan Fletcher CFO Council PDF 348KB
6 Dan Fletcher Dept. of Interior PDF 309KB
7 Shaun McNamara Dept. of Transportation PDF 220KB